CAPIS Closed-End Fund Liquidity Network

Authored by Russell Robinson at Capital Institutional Services

CAPIS aims to help institutional managers secure Closed-End Fun liquidity. Everyday, we are transacting large block trades within the space. Due to the nature of the Closed-End Fund market, we understand the liquidity crunch that is tagged with these funds trading in the secondary markets. So, we created the CAPIS CEF Liquidity Network. We would like you to be apart of this exclusive group.

The questions we want to address:

  • Does the lack of available CEF volume impact your performance?
  • Would additional liquidity help you implement investment decisions more effectively?
  • Have you truly considered all available sources of liquidity?

The added benefits of being a part of the CAPIS CEF Liquidity Network:

  • Daily liquidity
  • No prop desk – we will never work against your order
  • Freedom to choose – sourcing liquidity outside of relationships, we are free to choose which algo’s we use where others cannot
  • Being a Natural – every solicitation means an order is in hand

Of the 500 CEFs in the universe, half of these funds have an Average Daily Volume (ADV) of less than 100,000 shares. Having traded close to 100% of these funds, we invite you to take advantage of the CAPIS CEF Liquidity Network where we know we can add value.

If interested in learning more, please reach out to:

Russell Robinson – Account Executive

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